Introducing A Better-than-new Sirena fresh from her dramatic re-inspiration

Oceania Cruises' Sirena (Ex R4)We’re thrilled to unveil the better-than-new Sirena, fresh from her dramatic re-inspiration. The top to bottom re-build, which has resulted in a better-than-new ship, is all part of our $100+ million OceaniaNEXT brand enhancement program.

Refinements: Above & Beyond
Boasting 342 completely new staterooms and suites along with dramatically transformed public spaces, Sirena debuts some additional refinements above and beyond what was revealed on Insignia, the first of our six ships to undergo the re-inspiration process.

Some of the additional enhancements above and beyond the work carried out on Sirena include:

• Brand-new entry doors for all suites and staterooms
• Full-length mirrors in all suites and staterooms
• Additional 100-volt sockets on each side of the bed in all accommodations
• New wall sconces in the Spa
• Additional crystal chandeliers in the public spaces and stair lobbies

Master Chef Pépin’s Art
Topping off the awe-inspiring transformation of the Sirena are elements of the ship’s multi-million-dollar art collection, which are unique, even personal expressions emblematic of Oceania Cruises’ very personal nature.

Hanging prominently in the re-styled Bar Istas, the ship’s social hub and coffee bar, is an original by the legendary Jacques Pépin himself, also specially commissioned for the Sirena. Our Executive Culinary Director, Chef Pépin is best known for having been chef to numerous heads of state, author of dozens of cookbooks, and of course, his long-running and Emmy-award-winning cooking shows on PBS. He has always found cooking and painting to be remarkably similar forms of artistic expression. Chef Pépin found special joy in doing a piece for “his daughter’s ship” as Claudine Pépin christened the Sirena when she entered service in 2016.

Custom Tree Artwork
At the center of the ship, the deck and a half tall French-glass mirror that crowns the ship’s Reception Lobby and iconic Grand Staircase contains a hand-painted willow tree that symbolizes balance, learning, growth, and harmony. Insignia, the first of the ships to be re-inspired, aptly features a Tree of Life which portends positive energy and a bright future.

Inspired by the Godmother
Nearby in the Reception Lobby, is a commissioned piece by Soumiya Lakshmi Krishnaswamy that hangs next to the portrait of Claudine Pépin, the ship’s Godmother. This piece is particularly meaningful as Soumiya is a life-long friend of Claudine Pépin and was her roommate in college.

(Oceania Cruises)