Another New-build For Sunstone: Infinity Class Vessel No. 7

The Greg Mortimer (Courtesy Sunstone Ships of Miami)SunStone Ships signed an agreement Wednesday, May 29, 2019 in Hong Kong, China for the INFINITY Class Vessel No. 7, continuing with the European designed, Chinese built concept.

The seventh vessel now ordered has a long-term charter agreement in place, this vessel will be delivered in September 2021.

Infinity Class new-builds underway include the

GREG MORTIMER, scheduled to be delivered August 2019,
the OCEAN VICTORY in October 2020,
the OCEAN EXPLORER in January 2021,
the OCEAN ODYSSEY in March 2022,
the OCEAN DISCOVERER in September 2022,
the OCEAN ALBATROS in October 2022 and
the Vessel No. 7 in September 2021.

(SunStone Ships Inc.)