Australian Micro-Cruising revolutionizes the small ship industry with the launch of their online booking tool

Micro-Cruising is excited to announce the launch of their new online booking tool for agents ( to be able to click-to-book small ship cruising products. The worldwide product will be loaded in a staged approach with their most popular destination being Croatia launched initially.

Managing Director, Nicola Caygill states “There is no search/filter function like it that I’ve seen in the industry. It is a deceptively simple website that has been a long time coming. At launch we have 32 itineraries and hundreds of departures for 2019 and 2020”.

“We’ve tried to put lots of cruise details online in order to be a resource for agents to find options for their clients quickly and easily”.

The OBT allows agents to access the most up to date availability, rates and discounts in a number of currencies including AUD and NZD. Agents don’t need to log in to book they can use the home page filter to find their clients’ trip and gross rates are shown on the front end ready for agent to book. The site offers only deluxe level and above ships with applicable solo rates, triple rates, quad rates and children rates on multiple cabin types. Once an order is placed Micro-Cruising will send an invoice within 1 business day with optional hold confirmation.

About Micro-Cruising

Heralding the ‘Slow Cruise’ movement since 2013, small ships means that your arrival won’t create ripples on the destination since small ships are able to navigate shallow waters, most can anchor easily at smaller ports, or even anchor at Sea with no infrastructure in sight. Don’t transform the very place you’ve come to see. Take only photographs leave only footprints, get lost and be found.

With over 700 worldwide vessels holding only 100 passengers or fewer Micro-Cruising offers:

Sea Gypsies of the Mergui Archipelago
Grace Kelly’s Honeymoon Yacht in the Galapagos
100 year old converted solid Teak Rice Barges in Thailand
Agatha’s Christies “Death on the Nile’ River boat
Homely Tug Boats in Alaska
A tall ship that was so beautiful that she was pardoned from WWII duties by Roosevelt
One cabin Phinisis in Indonesia with 7 staff including a full time Masseuse

Micro-Cruising’s Managing Director is Nicola Caygill. Nicola has been involved in tourism since 1998. Form a pedigree of Business Development roles in Orion Expeditions and Quark Expeditions her academic experience has seen her achieve a MSc Tourism: Environment and Development – Oxford Brookes University, UK.

(Micro-Cruising Pty Ltd)