Vantage Cruise Line will be the long-term charterer of the fourth newbuild from SunStone ships, the Ocean Explorer

Shipowner SunStone Ships has signed their fourth shipbuilding contract on an expedition cruise ship in their Infinity series. The vessel, which will be constructed at the CMHI yard in China, is a CX103 design featuring the X-BOW® and designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions.

Vantage Cruise Line will be the charterer for the fourth vessel, the ‘Ocean Explorer’. Planned cruises include East Asia, the Mediterranean and Scandinavia.

The Infinity Class vessels are 104,4 m long and 18,4 m wide. They have a passenger capacity of 130-200, and a crew capacity of 85-115, small enough to give an exclusive atmosphere, large enough to yield all expected services and facilities, such as jacuzzi, bar and restaurant, boutique, an open-air cinema, gym and spa. The vessel harbours loads of gear for outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking or paddleboarding, and small tender boats.

Intercontinental cooperation
The Infinity class project is a worldwide cooperation, with the ship owner, operator (charterer) and ship interior designer in the US, the design company is Scandinavian (Norway), and the shipbuilding is carried out in China.

The first vessel in this series of potentially ten vessels, the ‘Greg Mortimer’, is in its final phase prior to her scheduled delivery in Q3 2019.

Ship number 1: Greg Mortimer
Ship number 2: Ocean Discoverer
Ship number 3: Ocean Victory
Ship number 4: Ocean Explorer

Ships 5-10: Optional

(Ulstein Design & Solutions AS, SunStone Ships Inc., Vantage Cruise Line)