Liguria Region and Costa Cruises to promote the attractions of Liguria

Costa Cruises (Logo)A new communication campaign will be launched on December 26 to promote the attractions of Liguria. The project is promoted by Liguria Region and Costa Cruises and it’s focused on an advertisement which the cruise company has been fully involved in creating.

The idea is the result of a collaboration between the Liguria Region and Costa Cruises, which was involved in every stage of the project – from creation to production and broadcasting – with the contribution of creative agency VMLY&R Italia and production company e-motion, which agreed to support the initiative.

The advertisement shows some of the most beautiful and well-known places in Liguria, such as Genoa, with its narrow alleys, San Lorenzo and the Rolli palaces, Cinque Terre, Sestri Levante and Bergeggi.

The narrator is the Italian actor Corrado Tedeschi, speaking on behalf of Costa Cruises and explaining how its ships have been sailing around the world for 70 years, but always returning to experience the excitement of its birthplace: Liguria. A destination which has always inspired Costa because it offers all the best experiences you can enjoy on vacation. The final slogan is an invitation to visit the region: “Liguria: our home, your next destination”.

According to Neil Palomba, President of Costa Cruises: “This campaign is a gesture of love for Liguria, our home, where our headquarters has been based for over 70 years. Being born and raised here has made us what we are today, the number one company in Italy and Europe. Now that our region needs support, we’ve decided to take a series of initiatives, of which this campaign will undoubtedly be one of the most visible and important, with the aim of achieving tangible benefits for Liguria and continuing to work closely with local institutions”.

Directed by Giancarlo Spinelli, the advertisement will be broadcast for the first time on December 26, at 9:00 p.m., In Italy on the Mediaset channels, where it will remain on the schedule for the subsequent nine weeks. It will be shown in 30″ and 15″ formats, featuring different destinations of Liguria. Web, social media and direct marketing activities on channels run by Costa, Liguria and the main Ligurian organizations are also planned, including with a 60’’ format.

Luca Casaura, Costa Cruises SVP Global & Strategic Marketing, explains: “The aim of the campaign is very clear: we want Italians to think of Liguria because of all the beautiful things it has to offer: the sea, wonderful landscapes, good food, traditions, art and culture. That’s why, as travel experts, we decided to get directly involved ourselves. Having visited the most beautiful destinations in every continent for many years, we can say hand on heart that one of the best places in the world is our very own home: if you want to enjoy a truly exciting holiday, come to Liguria”.

This plan to promote tourism in the region has involved a team of Ligurian excellence. Apart from Costa Cruises, the production company e-motion and creative director Cristian Comand are all from Genoa whilst Corrado Tedeschi is an “adopted son” and director Giancarlo Spinelli hails from La Spezia. Other contributors to the advertisement included the “in Liguria” Agency, the Genoa Aquarium, Miaygi, Illusion, ETI Solutions, Alessandro Beltrame, Nicola Bozzo.

Two symbolically important logos appear at the end of the advertisement. The first is “Genova nel Cuore”, (Genoa in our hearts) which Costa Cruises has also decided to include in its new international campaign starring Penélope Cruz, as a sign of even greater closeness to the city. The other belongs to the Costa Cruises Foundation, which, ever since it was first founded, has taken on numerous social and environmental initiatives for Genoa and Liguria. One of the latest, launched in September, was to raise funds for Genoa on the company’s ships.
This campaign further strengthens the bond between Costa Cruises, Genoa and Liguria. The company worked with Palazzo Ducale for the 2018 New Year Dinner in favor of Istituto Giannina Gaslini, for the show “Oliviero Toscani. Happiness Thief²” and the current “Paganini Rockstar” exhibition.

(Costa Cruises)