Lindblad Expeditions signs up with Versonix Seaware

The National Geographic Quest (Photo R. Eime @ Expeditions has signed an agreement with Versonix to implement Versonix’ Seaware reservation system. “We are very pleased to partner with Versonix, a recognized leader of booking systems for cruise lines.”

“The features of Seaware that most attracted us are the built-in Revenue Management capabilities that will help us optimize revenue, their advanced inventory management capabilities, and the new Seaware Analytics platform that will provide us with a 360-degree view into our business and customers. We also plan on taking advantage of Versonix Seaware OTA API to reach additional distribution channels” said Arthur Theodorou, Director of Information Technology for Lindblad Expeditions.

“At Versonix we are very excited to have Lindblad Expeditions as our customer. This solidifies our position as a leader in providing solutions for the fast-growing expedition cruise sector. Our experience and R&D efforts are directed to improving our offering to this evolving industry. In addition to providing solid solutions for standard functionality, we are also taking advantage of the latest technologies such as machine learning and cloud hosting options to stay leaders in this market” said Yuri Polissky, Chief Operating Officer of Versonix.

(Lindblad Expeditions)