Authentic Genoese Focaccia To Set Sail Around The World With Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises (Logo)A new collaboration between Costa Cruises and Associazione Panificatori Genovesi (Genoese Bakers Association) brings the taste of the authentic focaccia to its ships for the first time.

The recipe served on the Costa fleet will be the traditional one certified by the Genoese Focaccia mark, which guarantees its origin and protects it from imitations.
The typical “fugassa”, which in Ligurian dialect means “cooked on the hearth”, has always been a daily accompaniment for the Geonese, whether at breakfast or dinner, and is ideal for a snack between meals.

From October 28 on the Costa Fascinosa, and shortly thereafter on all the other ships in the fleet, guests will be able to taste the specifically Ligurian focaccia, fresh from the oven, at the free afternoon buffet as a tasty snack.

Associazione Panificatori Genovesi has contributed to training the baking staff who work on board the Costa Cruises fleet, sharing with them the traditional recipe and teaching them all the secrets on how best to prepare it.
The Associazione has also supported Costa Cruises in selecting the raw materials to be used as ingredients for the focaccia, so as to ensure the unique and inimitable taste. The timing of the preparation process is key and requires a long proving period divided into three separate stages.

Thanks to this new collaboration, the Genoese focaccia will set sail for destinations all over the world, on every Costa cruises itinerary. The Mediterranean, Northern Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Dubai, are just some of the destinations the Ligurian recipe will reach. A traditional Genoese flavor will soon become well-known and enjoyed all over the world.

“As an Italian company based in Genoa, we are proud to bring the authentic focaccia, the typical traditional recipe of Genoa, to all of our cruise ships. Thanks to this initiative, all Costa Cruises guests, who come from many different countries, will have a chance to discover the inimitable taste of a Ligurian product and savor it from the unique perspective of the sea. The taste of the real “fugassa” will be enjoyed all over the world, reaching all the 250 destinations served by our cruises” said Stefano Fontanesi, Corporate Executive Chef of Costa Cruises.

Gino Petrucco, the Chairman of Associazione Panificatori di Genova e Provincia, declared: “The roots that bind our very own “fugassa” with Costa Cruises are one and the same: the superb city of Genoa. Henceforth, there will be yet another reason to be proud to be a baker: our much-loved focaccia will be an ambassador for the quality of our work in every port, from Mauritius to Norway”

This initiative confirms the commitment of Costa to offer products that represent Italian excellence, starting with the quality and typical nature of the gastronomic delights on offer. The choice of focaccia, a symbolic recipe of Genoa, represents an homage to the city and to its tradition, also highlighting the unbreakable bond between the cruise company and the city in which its general headquarters is based.

(Costa Cruises)