Showtime! aboard AIDAnova: Entertainment enters a new dimension

If you want the very best entertainment on vacation, AIDAnova is the place to be. The new ship in the AIDA fleet offers a different and innovative entertainment experience for all tastes every day in a total of 13 venues. Apart from popular AIDA shows such as “AIDA Stars,” “Wer wird Millionär” (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) and “The Voice of the Ocean,” vacationers can look forward to any number of new entertainment formats that are exclusively available aboard AIDAnova.

AIDAnova’s heart, the Theatrium, is a great place to enjoy entertainment and relax during the day. In the evening – it’s showtime on the 360-degree stage, featuring technical highlights such as the 11 LED walls, seven different laser shows and the LED Tube inclusive of an “artistes’ elevator.” The new and spectacular show program was specially designed for AIDAnova’s sophisticated technical fit-out.

Here are some of the shows that will be premiered aboard AIDAnova:

Show me! YELLO! This audio-visual show spectacular combines electro-pop and the video art of famous music duo YELLO with a pyrotechnical display of dance, acrobatics and extravagant scenery.

Avona Dia is AIDAnova’s exclusive show for all the family with elaborate costumes and stage sets. The highly imaginative choreography was created by Cirque du Soleil star Benjamin Pring, and Aleksei Uvarov, who has already received great acclaim as choreographer at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.

Steampunk Circus: In this exciting show, the entire ensemble takes its audience on a voyage into a mysterious, magical world somewhere between the past and the future. Original costumes, special effects, and music created specially for the show by composer Stefan Richter, promise wow moments and a dazzling circus atmosphere.

Nashville – Just Good Music: It rocks! When the soloists get together for a house concert with a virtual band on the 360-degree stage, the audience will enjoy a fantastic live concert of American rock’s greatest hits.

AIDA♥LOVE: This adventure-packed show has something for all ages from 8 to 88. Everything that can be celebrated is celebrated: birthdays, honeymoons, weddings, or simply the most beautiful time of our lives – it’s different on every cruise. The audience members may themselves become part of the show via a special show app, in the tiered seats, on the Theatrium stage, or maybe even via a shared selfie moment.

With Studio X AIDAnova has the first TV studio at sea with its own station: “Prime Time One.” At Studio X, guests can observe live how AIDA TV shows such as “AIDA am Morgen” (AIDA Morning Time), “AIDA am Mittag” (AIDA Lunch Time) and “Prime Time” are produced. Apart from the established shows “Wer wird Millionär” and “The Pyramids,” Studio X guests can also experience new AIDA TV formats such as the popular guessing show for kids “1, 2 or 3.”

For families and children, “The Pyramid Kids” also provide great entertainment with new AIDA game and quiz formats. “Keep Your Light On” – the modern version of hangman – is played in teams in an LED suit. At the Kids & Teens Workshop there are further interactive games, and kids also get a chance to create their own video clips.

In the Mystery Room, players go on a treasure hunt. Along with the many unknown treasures that Captain Cook has found on a fictional voyage, he has also discovered the Holy Grail. This is what players are hunting for on their adventure.

In the Rock Box you’ll get “an earful” of music: either with a mix of favorites from the jukebox, or unplugged and live, music lovers can enjoy rousing rock and chilled drinks here.

Guests take a mysterious elevator to the Time Machine Restaurant – the realm of Professor Tempus. He welcomes the dinner guests to an exclusive 3-course meal, and takes them on an unforgettable voyage through time to wonderful, distant worlds.

The Four Elements is the highlight for the whole family. While some clamber around in the tree-tops in the ropes course and whiz down the three-deck-high giant water slides, others can enjoy a taste of the Caribbean, lounging beneath palm trees in the Beach Club next door. In the evening the Beach Club is transformed into a lively night spot with live music and DJ entertainment.

There is also night-time entertainment at The Cube dance club and at the Casino.

(AIDA Cruises)