Avalon Waterways Unveils Robust “Special Interest” Vacation Portfolio for 2019

A vacation to the legendary riverbanks of the world offers travelers a break from the ordinary; but not from their extraordinary interests. In 2019, Avalon Waterways will offer travelers its most dynamic “Special Interest” cruises to date, inviting them to explore their hobbies and passions on vacation.

“From beer and wine to history, music and Christmas cruises, Avalon’s Special Interest itineraries complement stories with stout, history with harmony and impressions with impressionism,” said Pam Hoffee, managing director of Avalon Waterways. “These passion-filled vacations unite our guests with their pastimes and other like-minded travelers. And, 2019 gives history buffs a unique opportunity to pay tribute to and remember WWII on Normandy’s Beaches on the 75th Anniversary.”

Remembrance on the River: World War II Cruises.
All river cruises venture back in time. These World War II history cruises make a special trip to the 1940s to honor and commemorate the significant sites of the second World War and the fearless and fallen that fought for freedom.

Paris to Normandy WWII Remembrance & History Cruise (May 28 and June 11 departures)

Paris to Normandy 75th Anniversary of D-Day WWII Remembrance Cruise (June 4 departure)

Grand France WWII Remembrance & History Cruise (May 28 and June 11 departures)

Grand France 75th Anniversary of D-Day WWII Remembrance Cruise (May 27 departure)

Holiday Joy and Jolly Abound on Festive Time Cruises.
Experience the holiday season the European way! Travelers will enjoy the jolly atmosphere on their festively decorated Suite Ship as they delight in the sights, smells, tastes and local traditions of Europe’s Christmas markets. In 2019, Avalon Waterways is offering 16 Christmas Cruises throughout Europe.

See the World in Red & White on Wine Cruises.
Whether travelers are weekend-sippers or wannabe sommeliers, it’s time to take a cruise where the river and Rieslings flow. On Avalon’s 2019 wine cruises, vino lovers of the world unite with the world’s most renowned winemakers and wine masters on the rolling vineyards of Europe along the Danube, Rhine, Rhône and Saône.

The Blue Danube Discovery for Wine Lovers (April 30 and October 29 departures)

Burgundy & Provence for Wine Lovers (October 14, 28 and November 3 departures)

Grand France for Wine Lovers (October 14, 28 and 29 departures)

Rhine & Rhône Revealed for Wine Lovers (October 14, 28 and 29 departures)

Adventure is Brewing on Avalon’s Beer Cruises.
Pairing fascinating history with a beverage that goes just as far back in time, an Avalon beer cruise promises incredible scenery and visits to the greatest beer scenes in Europe.

Tulip Time Cruise for Beer Enthusiasts (April 1 departure)

NEW Germany Grandeur for Beer Enthusiasts (August 14 departure)

Magnificent Europe for Beer Enthusiasts (October 25 departure)

Enchanted Europe for Beer Enthusiasts (August 14 departure)

Once Upon a Castle … Avalon’s Habsburg Cruises.
In the fairytale settings of Germany, Austria and Hungary, Avalon Waterways is rolling out the red carpet for travelers sailing along the Danube. From the palaces of Budapest and Vienna to the castles and estates of the surrounding countryside, it’s time to sip Champagne in the same reception rooms, walk the same art-filled corridors and even take a waltz lesson in the grand ball tradition of Europe’s royal past.

Danube Dreams with Habsburg & Royalty (July 11 departure)

From the Danube Delta to Prague with Habsburg & Royalty (July 2 departure)

Under the Star on Avalon’s Jewish Heritage Cruises.
History’s most moving chapters come to life sailing down the Danube, Main, Rhine, Rhône and Moselle Rivers on an Avalon Jewish Heritage cruise. Deep in the Jewish quarters of Europe’s most historic cities, explore museums and monuments, cemeteries and synagogues and get the touching stories behind them all on-site and with onboard lectures.

The Blue Danube Discovery & Jewish Heritage (August 13 departure)

Jewels of Central Europe & Jewish Heritage (August 13 departure)

Romantic Rhine & Jewish Heritage (July 23 departure)

Rhine & Rhône Revealed & Jewish Heritage (July 23 departure)

Wonder in Bloom on Garden & Nature Cruises.
Spring in Holland and Belgium is no time to tiptoe through the tulips. It’s time to sail, stroll and skip through their glorious splendor. On this springtime adventure, travelers will stop and smell the roses (and hundreds of other flower varieties) in places like Rotterdam’s famous 70-acre Keukenhof Gardens to the hidden courtyards of Amsterdam.

Tulip Time Cruise for Garden & Nature Lovers (April 12 and 19 departures)

A Sailing Serenade with Jann Arden.
Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss … Arden. Travelers are invited to enjoy a classic European cruise down the Danube in the company of singer, songwriter, entertainer, author and Avalon Godmother Jann Arden. Just 160 fans of the popular Canadian legend will enjoy an intimate concert, CD-signing and special photo op on this very special “Special Interest” cruise.

The Blue Danube Discovery with Canadian Entertainer Jann Arden (June 16 departure)

Swing Into Europe on Avalon’s Golf Cruises.
How about a cruise where travelers can drive … and chip, slice and putt? Castles and cathedrals meet birdies and bogies on Avalon’s golf cruises.

The Danube Discovery for Golfers (July 4 departure)

Enchanted Europe for Golfers (July 4 departure)

Passion for the Passion Play.
Finally, for travelers who have been waiting years (and years) to experience Oberammergau’s Passion Play – a theatrical tradition that has taken place every 10 years since 1634 – Avalon Waterways is delivering with an unforgettable cruise experience and preferred seating at the Passion Play.

Danube Dreams with Oberammergau 2020 (multiple departures throughout 2020)

(Avalon Waterways)