Thanos Pallis departs MedCruise, Aimilia Papachristou assumes interim role

Thanos Pallis transitions out of his role as Secretary General of MedCruise, a position he held since April 2013. In the interim, Aimilia Papachristou, MedCruise Advisor, will assume the role of acting Secretary General for the Association.

Papachristou joined MedCruise in October 2013 as Policy Advisor holding, among others, the portfolio of European port policy issues. She holds a BSc and a MSc in Shipping from the University of the Aegean and is a maritime economist with significant experience in studies on port economics, management and policy and maritime transport policies and governance. During the period 2011-2012, she worked as special advisor to the Secretary General of Ports and Port Policy, at the Ministry of Development Competitiveness and Shipping of the Hellenic Republic.

Dr. Thanos Pallis, an academic maritime economist with experience in the port sector became Secretary General in 2013, taking over from Maria de Larratea, and served the Association for five years.

MedCruise would like to thank Thanos Pallis for his contributions to the team and wish him every success in his future endeavors.

MedCruise President Airam Diaz Pastor noted: “I would personally like to thank Thanos for his contribution to the Association and professionalism and wish him every success to his future projects”.