Ponant Statement Concerning News Posted At Maritimebulletin.net

“On 18 November 2017, L’Austral, a cruise ship belonging to French cruise company PONANT sailing in the Banyak archipelago in Indonesia, altered course to stop in Palau Asok. Both the Captain and the expedition leader made this choice in order to offer passengers a more interesting programme than the one initially scheduled.

It was a regular decision taken in strict accordance to maritime rules. The ship received prior formal written authorisation from the port agent responsible for the area and the stopover went smoothly and without incident. During the call local authorities paid two routine visits to L’Austral. No problems were identified.

No expulsion measure was taken against the ship.
Passengers’ disembarkations and embarkations were organised in accordance with the company’s procedures and timing.
The ship wasn’t docked but anchored at sea.

L’Austral continued sailing as planned in the Indonesian territorial waters without any troubles from the local authorities”.