Adventure Canada’s Guests on “Out of the Northwest Passage” Expedition To Participate In The First Ever Umiyaqtutt Festival

Guests on this summer’s Out of the Northwest Passage expedition (Sept. 7, 2017 – Sept. 23, 2017) are invited to participate in the first ever Umiyaqtutt Festival in Usqsuqtuuq (Gjøa Haven).

Adventure Canada, Parks Canada and the community of Usqsuqtuuq (Gjoa Haven) are thrilled to announce the inaugural Umiyaqtutt Festival. The weeklong festival in recognition of the discoveries of the wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror will close with a visit from the Ocean Endeavour.

The closing ceremonies will be a big deal as special guests from Adventure Canada will be judges in the community Encounters along the Northwest Passage Art and Writing Competition. We’ll have the opportunity to participate in the festivities, celebrate with locals and share a community meal.

(Adventure Canada)