Cruise Interior Refit: Trimline maintains Seabourn’s high standards

Marine interior specialist Trimline routinely maintains the Seabourn fleet and works closely with the ultra-luxury brand during refits. They have just completed an intense five-day refurbishment of the Seabourn Odyssey in Genoa, to ensure the six-star standards are maintained.

Trimline’s team of 170 tradespeople worked a split shift to deliver the project on time, including:

– Refurbishing 229 cabins.
– Refurbishing 58 bathrooms.
– Refurbishing Colonnade Restaurant.
– Replacing 4 km of high quality alleyway skirting.
– As well as general updating throughout the ship to maintain their 6-star standard.

Simon Dawkins, Trimline’s Key Account Manager for Seabourn, commented “In order to complete the works in just 5 days, meticulous planning both at Trimline and with the client ahead of time was vital. It was then down to the skill of our team of tradespeople, who worked around the clock to deliver the high-quality product that Trimline has delivered throughout its 52-year heritage”.

Linh Nguyen, Sr. Interior Operations Specialist for Holland America Group, commented “The Odyssey drydock was very challenging with the short timing of 5 full days with not much space onboard for container loads, but the team at Trimline did a great job with their organization, cleanliness and quality to the Seabourn brand. The outcome was well accepted by all.”