Fully authorised LR passenger ship surveyor to be positioned in Alaska

LR has announced that a fully authorised LR passenger ship surveyor will be positioned in Juneau, Alaska for the summer season to better service greater Alaska cruise ship itineraries.

The new initiative will provide increased levels of responsiveness, convenience and cost savings for clients requiring survey activity in this remote part of Alaska. Additionally, this will also greatly reduce travel time from our closest offices (Seattle and Vancouver) to other remote ports in Alaska. This first season will act as a pilot project and will run from May to mid-September.

LR’s response time in Alaska was raised as having room for improvement by Norwegian Cruise Line and so as part of our commitment to providing broader coverage and adding value wherever possible the decision was taken to position a surveyor in Alaska to serve this ever growing segment.

Capt. Luigi Razeto, SVP Marine Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., commented: “We, here at NCLH, have a long relationship with Lloyd’s Register which continues to evolve in a very positive way. In addition to the regular interaction with the LR Passenger Ship Support Centre and the global network of surveyors we look forward to our annual LR Class operational meetings. This engagement provides us with the opportunity to discuss the year in review and where we can improve support for each other moving forward. Our need for a surveyor in Alaska was taken seriously – LR listened and accommodated.”

(Lloyd’s Register)