Travel Guides goes Cruising on Pacific Aria

The Pacific AriaTonight the stars of the Channel Nine hit TV show Travel Guides take to the high seas to sample the tropical delights of the South Pacific Islands with P&O Cruises.

Six groups of Australians turned holiday critics jump onboard the 55,820-tonne Pacific Aria to explore the crystal clear waters of the deserted islands, bursting with marine life, and the diverse landscape of majestic cliffs, tropical forests and white sand beaches.

Each party of holidaymakers in the program comes from a very different walk of life and every week the show tailors a package to suit a particular group’s taste.

Surprisingly, in the sixth episode of the seven-part series it is the seemingly least likely travellers who become cruise fans, particularly those who join the adventure with an open mind to be won over by an encounter with extraordinary sea life.

The holidaymakers who enjoyed the nine-night holiday the most were those who threw themselves into the onboard lifestyle with the greatest gusto.

Travel Guide’s cruisers did everything from swimming with turtles to experiencing fascinating island cultures, where the world’s friendliest people have been welcoming P&O’s guests for more than 80 years, and taking part in all the fun of theme night parties on board Pacific Aria.

P&O Cruises President Sture Myrmell said the cruise-focused episode of Travel Guides will encourage people to holiday at sea and should be a particular inspiration for first-time cruisers.

“Travel Guides goes cruising presents the Pacific Islands as the paradise everyone imagines them to be and Pacific Aria is shown off to great effect. It’s a real feast for the eyes and the unique experience of the ‘travel guides’ will show viewers the good times to be had on a modern cruise holiday with P&O,” Mr Myrmell said.

“As with most episodes on the show, some of the Travel Guides were ‘hard markers’ but the ship and the idyllic Pacific Islands scenery could charm coconuts out of palm trees. Viewers will fall in love with the Pacific Islands, Pacific Aria, the crew and most of the ‘travel guides’. It’s must-see television at its best.”

Travel Guides airs on Channel 9, Tuesday March 21 from 9pm.

(P&O Cruises Australia)