IST launches Cruise Browser 4 Business (CB4B), a new cruise booking engine designed exclusively for the use of travel agents

IST, the technology partner of choice to the cruise industry, presents its new version of Cruise Browser, developed exclusively for travel agents.

“CRUISE BROWSER 4 BUSINESS (CB4B) was developed for tour operators, travel wholesalers and management groups with a view to improving travel agent productivity”. Manuel Sardi, CEO of IST, underscored the relevance of this new development which “permits distributors to offer their travel agents a new, completely automated sales tool, tailored to meet the needs of their businesses”.

Sardi reminds us that Cruise Browser is “a web solution that allows you to simply, intuitively, in just 3 steps, book on over 14,000 cruises run by 30 different cruise lines, and moreover, includes extensive descriptive content”.

Notwithstanding, this new version has been tailored to meet the needs of travel agents, allowing them “individualised access to a back office with multiple options, permitting enhanced control of the whole booking process” underscores Sardi.

The Managing Director and CEO of IST explains that with Cruise Browser 4 Business (CB4B) “tour operators, travel wholesalers and management groups can set up individual travel agent profiles, as well as the pertinent commissions, or manage their bookings”. “This will enable them access to a global view of the productivity of their agents”, he assures us.

With Cruise Browser 4 Business (CB4B), “travel agents access a solution designed to more effectively manage bookings, while distributors are able to grow the range of technology services they offer their travel agents”, concludes the CEO of IST.