Aurora Expeditions Celebrates Women in Adventure this International Women’s Day

Adventure travel experts, Aurora Expeditions is acknowledging the achievements of their female expedition team members on March 8 in recognition of this year’s International Women’s Day.

From expedition leaders and climbing guides, to naturalists and geologists, Aurora Expeditions’ team of women showcase a range of amazing skills and determination.

Working across a range of destinations and extreme environments including Antarctica and the Arctic, each of Aurora Expeditions’ female team members bring a unique skill set to a series of different roles including expedition leaders, naturalists, historians, geologists, trekking guides, polar diving and snorkelling guides, and kayaking guides.

With over 30 female expedition staff members working for the company – and that number consistently growing – women are playing a more pivotal role than ever before aboard Aurora’s expeditions and the expedition industry as a whole says Aurora Expeditions’ Expedition Executive, Amanda Till.

“Women make up at least a third of our team aboard each expedition, if not more. Our female team members are definitely holding their own, bringing a wide range of skills and knowledge with expertise ranging from whale biology to glaciology, and everything else in between!”

Expedition Naturalist, Heidi Krajewsky has always had a passion for working on the sea, starting as a sea cadet and working as a deckhand on a schooner on the west coast of her native Canada before completing her Marine Biology degree. Today, along with her role of Naturalist aboard Aurora Expeditions’ ship Polar Pioneer, she is a director of the Marine and Education Research Society and feels privileged to be doing what she loves.

“I have had so many more opportunities to study, explore and work, than the women of previous generations. For me, International Women’s Day celebrates the open doors that women now have in many parts of the world, and also acknowledges the challenges that many women still face,” says Heidi.

Biologist and Assistant Expedition Leader, Liz Pope, never takes a day in Antarctica for granted, conscious that working there is an amazing opportunity for anyone, man or woman. She acknowledges the fellow women in her family this International’s Women’s Day who inspired her to reach her goals.

“I have been lucky to come from a family of strong, independent women who have had a natural curiosity about the world and who just got on with life and their interests – without any particular focus on, or reference to their gender.” says Liz.

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to not only celebrate the contribution that women have had, and continue to have to the world at large; but to highlight the fact that in many societies, cultures and countries around the world, women continue to struggle to get equal opportunities to basic things such as education, healthcare, and legal rights.“

Liz and Heidi will be working aboard Aurora Expeditions ship Polar Pioneer in the Arctic between June and August 2017, and in Antarctica between November 2017 and March 2018.

For further information, biographies, images and interviews with Assistant Expedition Leader, Liz Pope; Expedition Naturalist Heidi Krajewsky; or Assistant Expedition Leader & Operations Coordinator, Skye Marr-Whelan, please get in touch.

(Aurora Expeditions)