AIDA Cruises’ culinary program 2017 promises a veritable feast for the taste buds

It reads like a “Who’s Who” of tasty cooking: The culinary program 2017 of the cruise operator AIDA Cruises promises a veritable feast for the taste buds.

First and foremost, the program features a partnership with the rock star of German TV chefs, Tim Mälzer. In 2017 this famous chef is cooking with guests of every age on selected AIDA cruises. The partnership moreover involves mutually enhancing the cookery studio concept aboard AIDAprima.

As such, in addition to children’s courses and cookery evenings, in future that ship will also offer workshops on healthy and sustainable products à la Tim Mälzer. In addition, dishes he has specially created will be served at the onboard Steakhouse in 2017. This popular TV chef can be experienced live aboard AIDAprima on the cruise from June 17–24, and from October 14–21, 2017.

The multi award-winning professional chef Stefan Marquard is also one of AIDA Cruises’ culinary partners. The focus of this collaboration is on various cookery events on selected cruises. Equally, he will be bringing the expertise of his Stefan Marquard Academy to bear on the entire fleets’ cuisine. He will be there in person on the Selection cruises from May 21–June 4, 2017, with AIDAcara, and from September 29–October 6, 2017 with AIDAaura.

Baking is the new cooking – as guests on selected AIDA+ themed cruises will be able to learn directly from a professional. This is no joke: Andrea Schirmaier-Huber’s playpen stood in a bakery. After all, she was born into the third generation of a family of pastry chefs and is today the world champion of her guild – the first German woman to ever hold the title, in fact. She will be presenting her art aboard AIDAbella from May 7–20, AIDAprima from June 3–10 and, on the latter ship, also from December 2–9, 2017, when she will be showing guests some special Christmas baking.

In 2017, Otto Gourmet will once again be an important strategic partner. AIDA orders the excellent premium meat served at the Steakhouse directly from this company. An experienced sommelier and flavor ambassador from Otto Gourmet will be coming on board on selected cruises, in the person of Gunnar Tietz, who will be inviting guests to events including the Perfect Meat Academy and wine tastings. He will be sailing with AIDAsol from April 9–21, AIDAperla from September 23–30, and AIDAbella from November 15–28, 2017.

“Learning from a master” is also the motto with regard to the events featuring top chef Franz Schned, well-known from the ZDF TV show “Küchenschlacht.” Delivering culinary art and entertainment of the very finest, he will be taking interested guests into the TV world of cookery on a number of ships including AIDAbella from May 7–20, and from November 15–28, 2017.

AIDA invites all those who enjoy culinary pleasures on a gourmet cruise aboard AIDAbella with Benjamin Maerz from April 3–19, 2017. One of the youngest chefs in Germany to win a Michelin star, Benjamin Maerz is the head chef at his family’s Hotel-Restaurant Rose in Bietigheim. On board he will be cooking exquisite meals at the Rossini gourmet restaurant and hosting an exclusive cookery school.

These premium culinary cruises with high-caliber hosts will be further enhanced by partnerships with carefully selected product manufacturers. To give some examples: Barilla – the world leader in the pasta segment – will in future be traveling the world as an ambassador of Italian dining culture on all ships of the AIDA fleet. Our brand-new partnership with Starbucks brings its delicious coffees on board.

And, specially for allergy sufferers, AIDA has just introduced Flour Rebels’ product range to its program. These gourmet products are lactose, gluten, egg and soya-free, and are lovingly manufactured by a family-run business.

(AIDA Cruises)