Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines improves communications with its travel trade partners

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has reviewed and refreshed its communications channels with the travel trade, improving the format of its weekly e-shots, known as the ‘Focus Update’ – sent weekly to agents, on Wednesday afternoons – and enhancing its dedicated trade website, the Travel Agent Centre (‘TAC’).

As well as updating the design and layout of the TAC, it will now feature newly-released deals, campaign offers and news stories, on a live rolling feed. This will allow trade partners to access information as soon as it is announced, without having to wait for the weekly updates.

Neil Herbert, Head of Sales for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said:

“These important changes showcase Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ commitment to providing its travel agent partners with the best digital tools possible to be able to understand, promote and sell a Fred. Olsen cruise effectively, and to bring the benefits back to their business.

“Our trade partners are hugely important to our success. We know that agents will be receiving a huge amount of information from cruise and travel providers regularly, so it is important that, amongst all this ‘noise’, we make sure that the updates coming from Fred. Olsen are accessible, prominent and resonate in the right way, with the right audience.”

An important feature of the TAC, which can be accessed via the main Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ website, is an ‘Online Training’ section, which has been created in partnership with ‘Online Travel Training’.

There are five modules: 1) ‘The Fred. Difference’ 2) ‘Our Fleet’ 3) ‘Life Onboard’ 4) ‘Life Ashore’ and 5) ‘Fred. Facts’. The training requires agents to read through a range of information and facts on Fred. Olsen, watch videos and then complete a set of multiple-choice questions. Those attaining a pass rate of 90% will then receive the official certification for completing ‘The Fred. Difference Training’.

The TAC also includes a host of useful tools and resources for trade partners, as follows:

– Booking engine
– Up-to-date lists of cruise ‘deals’
– High-resolution image and video library
– Brochures and mailers, which can be downloaded as PDFs
– Point-of-sale materials to view and order – including posters and other useful promotional items
– Handy, downloadable information documents – such as cabin specifications and details, deck plans for all four ships, onboard restaurant menus, details of the ‘all-inclusive’ drinks upgrade package and bookable ‘extras’, such as the Atlantis Spa and Beauty salon
– Current news stories and updates on campaigns and initiatives
– An easy-to-use ‘poster creator’, enabling agents to create their own marketing materials for window displays
– Advertising and brand guidelines

(Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ dedicated Travel Agent Centre)