Check Out The Rouen Armada In 2019

Rouen, France, is pleased to be welcoming an expected 25 calls next year, up from 12 this year and a record 18 in 2015. A mix of UK, German, US and international cruiselines are visiting.

In the past three years the city has made particular efforts in promoting the River Seine – a five-hour voyage to the city centre – as a destination in its own right as well as Rouen itself. Maps showing points of interest are distributed to cruiselines in order to bring the Seine Valley to life for passengers.

The nature of the visit means that the majority of calls are overnight with the highlight being Cathedrale Lumiere, a sound and light show projected on the Western facade just after dusk.

The city is also making plans for the Rouen Armada, which takes place from June 6-16 2019, the first day being the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The tall ships festival has been held every five years since 1989 when the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution was celebrated.

In addition a transatlantic race was held from Rouen to New York to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty crossing the Atlantic from France where it was designed by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdito.

There has already been interest from cruiselines to call Rouen during the event and a special berth is being provided to ensure the appropriate levels of security, during what will be one of the most popular events in the French calendar.

(Cruise Europe)