MedCruise reconfirms commitment to sustainable cruising at Naples Shipping Week

MedCruise advanced discussions on how to achieve sustainable growth of cruise activities in the Med and its adjoining seas during the Naples Shipping Week 2016.

During this high profile event, Valeria Mangiarotti, Port of Cagliari & MedCruise representative in charge of environmental issues, was among the keynote speakers of the Green Shipping Summit, joined by a number of port authorities representatives.

Mangiarotti addressed practical ways that cruise ports might address environmental challenges. She also joined panelists representing Italian port authorities, in discussing how the European directives concerning the environment have attracted the attention of port and cruise operators as well as the research community, emphasising, among others, the ways that LNG Bunkering might be a viable solution for the sector. The best ways forward for key decision makers – including port authorities and public administrations – and other stakeholders was also among the topics that grasped the interest of participants throughout the Naples Shipping Week 2016.

MedCruise, a member of the experts group European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF), reconfirmed to high-profile participants attending Naples Shipping Week 2016 its commitment to work in searching developments to secure sustainable cruise growth in the Med and beyond.