Promoting MedCruise destinations to China’s largest travel agencies

MedCruise actively participated at CETCOM conference that took place in Beijing, China, on Monday 11 April 2016. The event was attended by more than 80 travel agents from 40 Chinese agencies and 20 specialised tourism journalists.

MedCruise initiated the discussions of the conference presenting the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas as a cruise destination and describing all those features that make the Med the best choice for cruising.

The MedCruise delegation invited travel agents to cruise the magic world of the Mediterranean that offers – among others – a great opportunity to discover the history, the architecture, the culture, the gastronomy, the sightseeings of 20 countries located in three different continents.

It also updated travel agents on the prospects of cruising in one of the most interesting regions of the world, while the presentation was followed by an extensive networking session.

The event took place in Novotel Beijing Xin Qiao and was organized by the MedCruise partner Chinese Friendly.

MedCruise member ports further benefit from the work of the Association and its collaboration with Chinese Friendly by expanding their professional network with key travel agents around the globe.