Carnival Cruise Line Receives Awards From Port of Seattle

Carnival Cruise Line is the first recipient of Port of Seattle’s inaugural Program Innovator Award and also received the port’s Green Gateway Partners Award, honoring the cruise line’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Rabih Aboudargham, director, environmental operations for Carnival Cruise Line, accepted the honors yesterday at Port of Seattle’s Cruise Annual All Agency Pre-Season Reception held at the World Trade Center on the Seattle waterfront.

As the inaugural recipient of the port’s Program Innovator Award, Carnival was recognized for its creativity in environmental practices, including innovations in fuel efficiency and waste reduction, as well as its partnership with the Nature Conservancy and the development of groundbreaking exhaust gas cleaning technology. The cruise line’s training program for shipboard employees was acknowledged, as well.

The annual Green Gateway Awards are bestowed on those cruise and container customers whose environmental programs and initiatives exceed regulatory requirements and support the port’s goal of becoming the cleanest and most energy-efficient port in North America.

As the world’s largest cruise operator, Carnival Cruise Line understands the company’s future depends on the health of the world’s oceans, and therefore seeks both high- and low-tech solutions to manage the environmental impact of its fleet.

Carnival’s environmental stewardship approach includes use of shore power in select ports, a donation program for used but serviceable items from its ships, engagement of guests in its shipboard recycling activities, training and education programs for shipboard and shoreside personnel, ongoing fleetwide efforts to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, and an extensive management plan for all waste generated aboard Carnival vessels.

(Carnival Cruise Line)