Colombia Ecoturismo Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Re-launch Adventure and Expedition Cruise in Colombian Coastal Areas

Colombia Ecoturismo SAS and their US affiliate Blue Water Journeys have extensive experience in operating Expedition & Adventure cruise ships. They have already managed a highly successful operation in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia with the M/V Sea Voyager.

After the complete remodelling of the Sea Voyager spending $2M dollars, the sailing started in April 2012 with a cruise to the archipelago of San Blas followed by other additional cruises to the archipelagos near Cartagena. However, the ship was sold just a few months later.

Captain Jorge Murillo, the founder President and CEO of CE/BWJ, started efforts to re-establish operations in the same area in 2013.

Now, three years later, Colombia Ecoturismo and Blue Water Journeys are ready to operate an expedition & adventure cruise ship for 88 passengers in double accommodation. Their plan is to conduct 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 day itineraries throughout the year covering the Pacific and Caribbean Littorals of Colombia.

The cruise will also cover certain popular destinations in Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Some of the most noteworthy features of the ship are:

• The captain will be visible and always available to the passengers and present lectures about history, geography, and marine biology.
• Officers and crewmembers will always be available.
• Documentary movies will be scheduled every day.
• A Licensed Physician permanently onboard.
• Spa area with three Certified Massage Therapists (CMT).
• First class meals and snacks prepared by gourmet chefs.
• Hundreds of titles of books will be available in the ship’s library.
• WIFI (Satellite Internet) Available in the bar and the library.
• A sun deck with 45 sun chairs.
• 5 expedition boats to take the passengers to the most secluded and remote locations

Colombia Ecoturismo and Blue Water Journeys has been working with different Colombian Government agencies, travel agents, airlines, potential sponsors and the media for the last three years. Their funding requirement for this project is 2 million USD.

An Indiegogo campaign ( ) has been launched recently to raise this fund.

Proceeds from this campaign will be spent on:

• Ship purchase: $1,500,000
• Relocation of the ship to Colombian Coast: $150,000
• Ship reconditioning: $300,000
• Website completion, digital marketing, etc.: $50,000

Colombia Ecoturismo SAS (CE) offers expedition and adventure cruises with an emphasis in destinations of the Colombian coasts. It is an innovative product that expands the ecotourism market in Colombia and the region by offering the best travel experience to national and international travelers looking for destinations rich in bio-diversity, history and culture.

(Colombia Ecoturismo)