Cruise Pass, the new discount-benefits card, to be launched in Norway in February 2016

Cruise Pass provides a supplementary service to tourists visiting multiple ports in Norway. The scope of the Cruise Pass will entitle the user to buy one cruise card on a Norway cruise, and get discounts and/or special offers from national as well as local vendors.

Member enterprises are so far around 150 vendors in 18 destinations in Norway.
Vendors like rental car, museums, restaurants, retail, Norwegian fashion and sport, gift shops and souvenirs, Scandinavian design, local food and taxi.

We have negotiated discounts up to 40%, benefits and many special offers in the 18 destinations.

After June 1st we are offering a special complimentary gift to all Cruise Pass holders, a Norwegian designed gift with a value of NOK 89.
(The price of the card is only NOK 225 incl 25% VAT for one adult and 1 child under 16 years of age)

Cruise Pass is targeting the independent part of the 2,7 mill day cruise tourists plus around 300 000 Hurtigruten tourists visiting Norway in 2016.
At least 50% of the cruise tourists are independent and  they are not buying shore excursions onboard.
Cruise Pass` aim is to add value to the cruise lines, land based industry in Norway and the tourists.

The business model is simple and the cruise lines` Value Proposition is:

• Increased profitability on independent guests
• Increased guest satisfaction through discounts and special offers from local and national vendors
• Complimentary offer to cruise lines`guests – Cruise Pass holders arriving in Norway after June 1, 2016. A special gift – Norwegian design with a value of NOK 89/GBP 7
• Cruise Pass contributes to a stronger cruise product and competes with “pirate” vendors at pier
• Complimentary offer to the cruise lines – Cruise Pass can be branded with cruise line`s logo

Tourists` Value Proposition:
· Tourists buy ONE Cruise Pass for their whole Norway cruise and get discounts and special offers at 18 Norwegian destinations
· Easy to use
· Cruise Pass paper folder with overview of 150 relevant national and local vendors, and for their convenience a map in each port
· Increased purchasing power
· Feel more important

(Cruise Pass Norge AS)