Towards a European Cruise Code of Practice for Cruise Ports

MedCruise hosted a working meeting of representatives of ports associations and cruise and ferry ports that discussed and advanced the content of the forthcoming European Code of Practice for Cruise and Ferry Ports.

The work is part of the efforts of the European Cruise and Ferry Port Network, set up within the European Sea Port Organisation (ESPO).

The Network brings together ESPO, Cruise Europe, Cruise Baltic, Cruise Britain, Cruise Norway, and MedCruise, in a strategic cooperation that provides a united voice of the European Cruise and Ferry Port sector – while it advances the sharing of expertise, and strengthens the efforts to effectively represent the sector towards the European institutions.

The meeting was devoted on best practices as regards the relationships between ports and cruises and ferry lines, with MedCruise and Cruise Europe chairing the discussions of the particular sub-group of the Network. Among the participants were also MedCruise members Port of Piraeus and Cyprus Port Authority.

Four other working groups focus on Competition and Cooperation between ports, Infrastructure Developments, Security and Relations of Ports and the City respectively.

MedCruise is actively involved in the constructive debate that is taking place in all working groups, contributing to the development of a Code of Practice that will inform future activities of its member ports, structure relations with cruise lines and their associations, and thus facilitate the growth of cruise in the Med and beyond.

The European Cruise and Ferry Ports Code of Practice is expected to be released within 2016.