Costa Luminosa Sets Sail on a 108-Day Around-The-World Cruise

The Costa LuminosaTomorrow January 6 Costa Luminosa will depart from Savona: an exciting 108-day voyage during which Costa guests will discover all the marvels of the world, crossing 3 oceans and returning to Italy, in Savona, on April 24, 2016.

The ideal trip for cruise lovers who want to enjoy a unique experience and circumnavigate the world in a little over 3 months, encountering magnificent cultures and extraordinary places, following in the footsteps of the great navigators of the past.

More than 2,000 guests will be holidaying on this Around-the-World cruise. There is quite a wide range in terms of age and nationality of those who have chosen this special adventure to enjoy an unforgettable vacation: the oldest traveller is a youthful 91 (from Germany) while the youngest is just 2 years old (from Norway).

There are more than 36 different nationalities on board, mainly from France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Costa Luminosa, the ship chosen for this Around-the-World cruise, is one of the most amazing of the Costa fleet. Even thousands of kilometres from home, guests will still be able to enjoy all the excellence of Italy’s finest hospitality . And to check on Costa Luminosa’s incredible voyage even from home, just go to the Costa site and check out what’s happening in real time through the 2 webcams installed on board.

Costa Luminosa will make longer calls in some particularly interesting destinations such as Valparaiso, Tahiti, Auckland, Sydney, Dubai. This will give travellers a chance to discover the unique characteristics of these special vacation spots, taking advantage of the exclusive excursions proposed by Costa Cruises.

“We are extremely proud to welcome our guests on board this special voyage and their choice represent how much they are passionate about Costa brand. The Around-the-World – declared Neil Palomba, President of Costa Cruises – represents a really exclusive offer by Costa. It’s a sign of just how much our product is appreciated, offering the Italy’s finest on board and providing the opportunity to visit a variety of unique destinations in absolute comfort.”

By now a can’t-miss opportunity for great travellers, the next Round-the-World cruise will depart from Savona, always on board Costa Luminosa, on 2 September 2016 with a 98-day itinerary around the Globe.

(Costa Cruises)