Rainforest Cruises new destinations, new website and 10% flash savings

Rainforest Cruises, a travel company that specialises in Amazon river cruises, is expanding its range of tours to include the Galapagos Islands and Panama Canal.

The two new destinations are featured on Rainforest Cruises’ new mobile responsive, user-friendly, interactive website, www.rainforestcruises.com, which also comes with two new popular cruise styles: honeymoon cruises featuring the finest luxury cruise boats in Peru, and family cruises on boats with child-friendly qualities.

The new website offers a clean and modern, yet colourful design, easy-to-use functionality and content-rich site experience, including a cruise compare feature that allows users to easily check off and compare their selected cruises side-by-side.

Social media integration makes it easy for users to share content across social media networks and there are direct links to Rainforest Cruises’ social media channels, where cruise deals, Amazon guides and new cruise information is frequently shared.

“Our aim was to enhance the on-page experience with more fluid navigation and access to information, but also make the site mobile friendly. As we move forward with this new structure, it will allow us to offer more destinations and cruise options to our clients,” says Jeremy Clubb, Director of Rainforest Cruises.

Rainforest Cruises is celebrating the launch of the new website with an unbeatable pop-up cruise deal: 10% off all cruises until 9 May.

Rainforest Cruises is a travel company specialising in Amazon river cruises and tours, providing the finest collection of cruises, at unbeatable prices in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Galapagos Islands and Panama.

(Rainforest Cruises)